About Us

Lai Lai, Lai Ka Long

Proposed Chairperson

Email: kllaiah@connect.ust.hk
Phone No.: 65432835
Instagram: ken_lai_534
Facebook: Lai Ka Long Khh

早餐, Leung Chi Yin

Proposed Internal Vice-Chairperson

Email: cyleungbm@connect.ust.hk
Phone No.: 56047702
Instagram: alvcly
Facebook: Andy Leung

憂仔,Chan Kit Hin

Proposed External Vice-Chairperson

Email: khchandn@connect.ust.hk
Phone No.: 54081171
Instagram: hinyear
Facebook: Hinyear Chan


Tiffanlily, Chan Yi Lok

Proposed Internal Secretary

Email: ylcheungak@connect.ust.hk
Phone No.: 54450978
Instagram: ynaffit_cyl
Facebook: Tiffany Cheung

Peter, Lau Wai Lik

Proposed Financial Secretary

Email: wllauae@connect.ust.hk
Phone No.: 64158617
Instagram: peter_lau204
Facebook: Peter Lau

Kawai, Tse Ka Wai

Proposed Promotion Secretary 

Email: kwtsead@connect.ust.hk
Phone No.: 96064953
Instagram: kwai_diot


ManTing, Siu Man Ting

Proposed Communication Secretary

Email: mtsiu@connect.ust.hk
Phone No.: 98773175
Instagram: burnmanting
Facebook: Angel Siu

飛機, Ko Yeuk Fei

Proposed Hall Affair Secretary

Email: yfkoaa@connect.ust.hk
Phone No.: 56069695
Instagram: alvin.kyf
Facebook: Alvin ko


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